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How does Free For Pofit work?

Mar 09, 2020 by thebakerybeatss - 3 Comments

YouTube is the main source for artists to search for beats.
Mostly you see something like: [FREE] Drake Type Beat or
(FREE FOR PROFIT) Guitar Type Beat

Producers do this for marketing purposes and rank higher on the search results on YouTube.
Most producers are not giving away these beats, there are rules, how to use them.

in my particular case: My Free For Profit Beats can be used on all streaming platforms. BUT up to 1,000 streams.

Why is that?
I want to help the beginning artists to grow their fanbase
Ok but why 1,000 streams?

In this article  you can see the streams to earn 1 dollar on all streaming platforms

What if i rip the beat off YouTube and post it on Spotify?
If you dont have a license the changes are high you need to remove the songs from all streaming platforms or legal actions can be taken.
So if using a Free For Profit Beat, better to contact the producer to avoid misunderstandings.

Did you already made something on my beat?  😁