How to write a rap verse examples

Jan 06, 2023 by thebakerybeatss - 0 Comments

Here are a few examples of how you might structure a rap verse:

Example 1:

Verse 1: (8 bars) I’m on the mic, ain’t no need to front I’m bringing fire like a dragon, I’ll burn up the function I’m in my prime, ain’t no stopping me now I’m breaking records, I’m the real MVP, no doubt

(8 bars) I’ve been in the game for a minute, I ain’t new I’ve paid my dues and I’ve got nothing left to prove I’m on top now, ain’t no way to bring me down I’m here to stay, I’m the king of this town

Example 2:

Verse 1: (8 bars) I’m feeling like I’m on top of the world I’m unstoppable, ain’t no one gonna bring me down I’m living life, ain’t no rules to hold me back I’m making moves, ain’t no stopping my attack

(8 bars) I’m in control now, ain’t no one gonna tell me what to do I’m living life on my own terms, I’m breaking through I’m reaching for the stars, ain’t no ceiling in my sight I’m unstoppable, I’m gonna make it to the top, I’m gonna shine

These are just a few examples, but there are many different ways you can structure a rap verse. The key is to find a structure and flow that works for you and your style.

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